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At Semansky Law, we will take aggressive steps towards the dismissal of your case and start immediately in getting your best defense underway.

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Violent crimes convictions carry serious penalties including extended jail sentences and fines. You need an attorney to ensure that your rights are protected at every stage of the investigation and proceedings.

Theft and Fraud

If you are facing theft or fraud charges, you need an attorney to help you avoid prison, excessive fines, and other penalties.


What Our Clients Say About Our Services

Personal, compassionate criminal defense.

Mr. Semansky routinely makes home visits to clients and families who are unable to make it to his office. He works with his clients' schedules, frequently meeting with them on nights and weekends. His policy is to be accessible and open to client requests and he updates his clients regularly on the progress of their cases. Our goal is to provide every client with a high caliber of representation and legal strategy. At our Martinez law office, we control the number of cases that we accept. Because we keep our caseload down, every case is afforded the time and resources needed to ensure quality representation. We only take a limited number of cases per year so that we can make every client our priority.

I hired Mr Semansky for a troublesome Domestic Violence case, The injuries were serious and alcohol had been a problem in my life. Mr Semansky made me feel comfortable was non judgmental and worked with both me and my wife... me to get sober and do therapy and her to seek counseling and join Al=Anon, The case resolved successfully and the ordeal, particularly Mr Semansky's intervention ,saved my life and my marriage


Facing the shame, guilt and remorse of being charged with DUI and hit and run I looked for an attorney. I was blessed to find Michael. Michael immediately told me I was not alone and laid out the process in an easily understandable way. There were no surprises except for a good one. Everything went smoothly as planned. Michael is professional, knowledgeable and kind. I highly recommend him.


Michael did an outstanding job for me as a client. He is very honest and trustworthy.

Patti L.

Michael was the best lawyer I could have. He was personable, knowledgeable, and supportive. You can't ask for more!

Jacklyn K.

I needed an attorney for a DUI. Michael charged me a reasonable rate and provided more than legal representation. He was genuinely concerned with my well being and offered valuable advice on my life situation.

Ronald R.

Michael Semansky guided me through a very difficult situation. I believe that his expertise was perfectly suited to my case. His approach is thorough, attentive, personal, and very experienced. I highly recommend his legal services.

Kris C.

Michael is great. I’m still in the middle of my case, but he’s been very responsive and understanding to my circumstances. Great person and very professional. Michael knows the law and has years of experience.

Zanoni H.

Mike has been a god send! He helped navigate my case based on false allegations and helped reach the best possible outcome. I am eternally grateful for Mike’s help and am glad to have met him in my life journey!

Nash R

Michael has been practicing law and helping folks with DUI arrests since before most of his clients were born. That is not meant to be disparaging of his age, but the fact is that that experience--knowing the personalities involved and the "ins-and-outs" of the Martinez courts was invaluable. Michael and I worked together to prepare a case based on my actions that resulted in a better outcome than I had expected.